Could YOU be missing up to £1000 - £2500 on Unclaimed Tax? – Let’s Claim It!

    You pay a lot of tax. And chances are you pay a little too much. At Vital Tax Rebate, we can help you claim up to £2500,  for this year and the previous three years.

    We operate no claim-no fee policy, so you literally have nothing to lose.

    If This Is You, Then You Might Have £1000+ Waiting To Be Claimed…

    If you wear a uniform or work clothing at work, you can claim tax relief on work expenses for the cost of cleaning your uniform.

    You can claim to HMRC for overpayment relief.

    If you’re working from home on a regular basis, you can claim tax relief for household costs such as heating, metered water bills, home contents insurance, business calls, and a new broadband connection.

    You can claim tax relief on the cost of buying or repairing the tools required to do the job.

    If you have to travel to different locations for your work, you may be able to claim tax relief on the money you’ve spent on things like food and drink, hotel accommodation, parking fees, business phone calls, or transportation costs.

    If you’re paying the fees with your own money, you’re eligible to claim tax relief on the money you’ve spent to pay the membership or subscription fees.

    How Much You’re Owed?

    On average, people can claim around £1000 and they could get their money back in just a few weeks.

    Even better… If you’ve never claimed a tax rebate, you can easily put £2500 back into your pocket!

    That’s the good news.

    The bad news is, if your money is left unclaimed within the set time frame, then it would be gone for good. Yes, the money isn’t automatically refunded by HMRC.

    They probably won’t even let you know that you have an unclaimed tax rebate waiting to be claimed. And HMRC isn’t going to keep waiting for you to take action and claim your refund.

    So again, if you don’t claim a tax rebate before 6th April, your money will simply be gone for good.

    Find Out If You’re Owed £1000 Or £2500 In One Simple Step

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    How it works…

    We Do The Work, You Get The Money. It’s Really That Simple!

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    Complete the online form so that we can start to review your taxes, and help you find out if you’re due a rebate. You can do it by clicking on the button below, or by filling the start my claim form above and proceed to the next step after we’ve informed you how much you’re owed. There’s no obligation and certainly no pressure.

    We'll review your tax

    After we’ve reviewed your taxes, we’ll prepare your tax rebate claim process.

    Tax rebate process

    If you choose to continue to work with us, one of our tax experts will claim a tax rebate on your behalf. Mistakes are easily made at this step, which can impact the potential amount of cash you claim back. But you have nothing to worry about if you work with us. The best thing about working with us is the peace of mind knowing you’re going to get the best result.

    We Only Get Paid If You Do

    If we can’t help you claim your tax back, you simply pay us nothing for all the hard work we’ve done for you.

    Yes, we have a “no claim-no fee” policy, which means unless we can successfully help you claim your tax back, our work will cost you absolutely nothing.

    No hidden cost. You literally pay us £0 unless you get your tax back.

    We’ve been offering this risk-free solution to UK taxpayers for years because we’re confident in what our tax advisors can do, and more importantly, we want all of our clients to have peace of mind when working with us.

    Our Goal: To Help You Claim The Highest Amount Of Tax Rebate

    On average, we’ve helped our clients claim back huge amounts of money.

    And for first-time claimers, we can help secure over £2500! (No receipts are required for first-time claims)

    That’s possible thanks to our tax advisors and our unique process that does not only make the process smooth and easy but also ensures you can get the highest amount of tax you can claim back.

    Of course, other companies also aim to help you get the highest rebate possible.

    However, we’re probably the only one in the UK who makes it our primary goal.

    Yes, that would mean we’ll have to do the extra work that the others will consider too time-consuming or not worth the cost of their service.

    …And so be it.

    After all, we want to keep our clients happy. And that’s only possible if we can bring you the best possible result.

    Our sincere hope is you’d be happy with the result and come back to us… and perhaps, you refer our service to your friends and family.

    Who Use Our Service?

    NHS & All Uniformed Healthcare Staff

    Emergency Workers

    Uniformed Construction Staff

    Uniformed Flight & Transportation Staff

    No matter what your job is, and how much you earn, there’s no reason you’re not overpaying your tax… and owed money.

    Based on our findings, every year there are over £100 million in unclaimed taxes. If you never check whether or not you’re owed any money, chances are, you own a small fraction of this huge amount of money.

    Our range of clients include:

    …literally, anyone who believes they may be owed a tax refund and never claimed a tax rebate because either they have no idea what they should do, or they simply don’t have the time to do it on their own.

    So why don’t you find out how much you’re owed today?

    Click the button below to let us help you find how much you’re owed.

    It only takes a few minutes to start making your claim.

    Claim Your Tax Refund Now Before It’s Too Late…

    Remember, any of your overpaid tax that’s not claimed will be gone for good on 6th April 2021, the start of the UK tax year.

    That could range anywhere from £1000… £2500… or even more.

    “Am I really owed that much?” you might ask.

    Yes, that’s possible. Especially if you’ve never claimed a tax rebate before, which means you’ll get your money back for this year’s taxes, and the previous three.

    That’s extra refund cash that you could spend for paying credit card or loan, household costs, or anything else you want. This is your money, after all. And there’s no reason why you wouldn’t put it back into your pocket.

    Hurry – Time’s Running Out!


    Our Tax Experts Are Ready To Help You

    When you submit your application today, you’d be working with one of our tax experts who’ll help you find out how much you’re owed, the highest possible amount of tax you can claim back… and will claim a tax rebate on your behalf should you choose our risk-free solution.

    To get started with us, just click the button below:

    Got A Question? Your Answer May Well Be In The FAQ Below

    A tax rebate or tax refund is the amount you receive from HMRC after you have paid too much tax. You need to file a claim, as there are many reasons for overpaying. There are many taxpayers who miss out on legitimate tax rebates that can go up to £2500 or more. Don’t let that happen to you – we can help!

    There is a range of different allowances for a tax rebate. Fill in our application form and we will make sure that we get the necessary information to calculate your entitlement and prepare your tax rebate.

    Yes, you can. In fact, you should. You are allowed to claim up to four years in arrears. These tax rebate claims are limited. So if you don’t act fast, that could mean you’re losing an extra grand of cash refund… which is too bad.

    We will send out a cheque within 7 days of receiving the payment from HMRC. Or we can also send the money directly into your bank account on request. Please use our contact page to make this request before we send out the cheque.

    On average, it takes anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. However, at times when HMRC is too busy to handle the claims, the periods can vary a lot. Complicated cases usually take a longer process. While straightforward claims could be done faster.

    Therefore, we recommend filling and signing your tax rebate application form today, so we can start working on your tax rebate claim for a faster refund claim process.

    We’re neither part of the HMRC, nor affiliated with any government departments. We’re an independent tax rebate and tax refund company that stands behind our clients.

    Absolutely. There’s no obligation to use our service, even after we’ve helped you find out how much you can claim back.

    We have a “No claim, No fee” policy. Unless we can get you a refund, you pay £0. If we succeed, we’ll only charge a flat fee of 28% plus VAT for all claimed amounts which we successfully secure from HMRC on your behalf.