About Us

Vital Tax Rebate specialises in reclaiming overpaid tax services. We will help you claim a tax rebate from the overpaid tax which is unclaimed for up to the past four years. We provide a hassle-free process and comprehensive methods when claiming tax rebates on your behalf. As your primary provider of this type of service, we strive to ensure that you receive the maximum tax rebate as quickly as possible.

We serve eligible UK taxpayers, and we can handle every kind of issue that you may face during this challenge. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to assess their taxes and file a claim. The majority of individuals are unaware that they have overpaid their tax. We offer a wide range of services such as work mileage tax rebates, uniform tax return, work tools expenses tax rebate, union fees tax rebate, and professional subscriptions tax rebate.

We understand the hindrances that may come your way while claiming a tax refund. It is estimated that about two out of three employees have overpaid taxes. Each year, there are over £100 million in unclaimed tax rebates. Some PAYE workers disregard their tax refunds, not knowing that it can be valuable enough. We are aware of these facts, and we aim to fixthese problems. Let Vital Tax Rebate be your partner in facing this issue to make the process seamless for you. We ensure we will provide the quickest possible resolution because we value time and hard work just like you. We offer a free review to see if you are eligible to claim a tax rebate. We have a “No claim, No fee” policy. Remember that you work hard to earn. The key to receiving your tax rebate is to act now!

Vital Tax Rebate will guide you all the way. We will make the process smooth and fast to ease your claim. We have been working to improve the tax benefits experience of each worker regardless of their career, and we will ensure that you receive every penny that you’re owed.

Why wait when you can make a claim now? It only takes a few minutes!