A tax rebate or tax refund is the amount you receive from HMRC after you have paid too much tax. You need to file a claim, as there are many reasons for overpaying. There are many taxpayers who miss out on legitimate tax rebate that can go up to £ 2500 or more. Don’t lose out on money you are entitled to.

There are a range of different allowances for a tax rebate. Fill in our form and we will make sure that we get the necessary information to calculate your entitlement and prepare your tax rebate.

You are allowed to claim up to four years in arrears. These tax rebate claims are time limited. Please don’t delay your claim and start applying as soon as possible. Click on Start My Claim to start your tax rebate claim.

We will send out a cheque within 7 days of receiving the payment from HMRC. We may also make the payments directly into your bank account on request. Please use our contact page to make this request before we send out the cheque.

We open at 9 am and close at 5pm daily from Mondays to Sundays. We are also committed to quick responses of emails, which only take between 1-2 working days. Our “contact us” forms are available on every page for quick and easy communication. Please click here for the contact page.

On average, claims are completed in the duration ranging from 4 to 8 weeks. However, at times when HMRC istoo busy to handle the claims, the periods can vary a lot. Complicated cases also take longer to process. Straightforward claims, on the other hand, are completed swiftly. We therefore recommend early completion of filing and signing of forms for quicker tax refund claim processes. If all your information is confirmed in order, it will help to reduce the time involved in the process

Your personal tax situation will determine the tax rebate amount you will receive. It therefore varies widely between individuals in accordance to their careers and work positions. The average industry amounts are £210, but many claims can go as high as £2500 or even more. HMRC determines the final figure. We are committed to getting the maximum tax refund for our clients. We will help you secure all your rightful earnings, to which you are entitled.

Yes, please kindly refer our service to your friends, family, and colleagues to ensure they will not be missing out on their rightful tax refunds. They could be missing out on large refunds.

We will immediately contact you when we receive your forms or anything you send us, and we respond by sending a confirmation email.

Please use our contact us page and we will respond straight away; we respond to all our emails within the same day; however, on very busy days it may take 1-2 days to respond to the emails. We are happy to offer assistanceand we will promptly respond to requests, queries, or any questions you may have.

HMRC will calculate how much they owe you and they will send you a P800 form. HMRC will then send out the payment to us 3-4 weeks later. As soon as we receive the payment we will send out a cheque to you within 7 days.

We are an independent tax rebate and tax refund service company. We are therefore neither part of the HMRC, nor affiliated to any governmental departments. We are not part of HMRC.

No, we are only concerned with providing our services to retrieve tax overpayments for up to the last 4 years. All future tax rebates are paid to you through your wages.

There is no obligation to use any of our tax rebate services and YES you can make a claim by yourself. We are more than happy to help you and offer our services and expertise in this field, if you need a swift, hassle-free, secure, easy, and straightforward claim. Please click Claim Now to start your claim without delaying your tax rebate claim.

Each individual has their own unique tax affairs and personal circumstances; their tax records will likely differ from yours. While there are those who have overpaid, others may have underpaid their tax.

Professional body subscriptions and fees are general payments made to a professional body according to your specific job. They keep you up to date with current issues or training.

This means HMRC made a mistake by not following your request to send the cheque to us. We will request you send us the paperwork you received to help us verify you received the correct amount of tax rebate. Since we made your claim, HMRC will respond to us with the reason why and when they sent it directly to you. Kindly note that you remain with the legal liability to pay our fees if HMRC sends the refund to you directly instead of us.

We have a “No claim, No fee” policy. Unless we can get you a refund, you won’t pay us anything. However, we aim to get the maximum tax rebate that you are entitled to and we will use our specialism in this field to get what you are owed. Please see our terms and conditions for fee details. We only charge a flat fee of 28% plus VAT for all claimed amounts which we successfully secure from HMRC on your behalf.

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