Tax refund, commonly known as tax rebate, can be claimed for the past 4 Years. First-time claimers could miss out up to £2500 worth of tax rebate. Fixed Rate Expenses (FRE) or other allowable tax rebate claims are not automatically refunded by HMRC. Our service offers to claim as much tax rebate as possible for you. We operate no win-no-fee service. It costs nothing to find out how much you are owed. Act now, it only takes 2 minutes to make the claim and few basic details are required. No receipts needed for first claim.

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    A tax rebate or tax refund is the amount you receive from HMRC after you have paid too much tax. You need to file a claim, as there are many reasons for overpaying. There are many taxpayers who miss out on legitimate tax rebate that can go up to £ 2500 or more. Don’t lose out on money you are entitled to.

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    There are a range of different allowances for a tax rebate. Fill in our form and we will make sure that we get the necessary information to calculate your entitlement and prepare your tax rebate.

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    You are allowed to claim up to four years in arrears. These tax rebate claims are time limited. Please don’t delay your claim and start applying as soon as possible. Click on Start My Claim to start your tax rebate claim.

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    Do you qualify for a tax rebate refund?

    A tax refund or rebate is the money that you get back if you paid too much tax. There are many different circumstances which mean you may qualify for a tax rebate. For instance, if you are travelling to a temporary workplace and paying your own way there, you could be eligible for a tax refund. Furthermore, on average, a 4-year tax refund can amount to as much as £2,500 for some first-time PAYE taxpayers! Other reasons why you could qualify for a tax rebate is if you wear and spent money on cleaning and repairing a work uniform. If this is the case, you cannot claim money on the purchase of the uniform but rather on the cleaning of the uniform. If you have your own car which you travel to multiple sites or a temporary workplace, this travel is called the work or business mileage, which is travel other than your permanent place of work travel, and this too can be claimed. If your pay union fees or subscription fees are connected to your employment, this could also entitle you to a rebate. Also, if you paid for your own small tools for work purposes only, then these could also be entitled to tax rebate claim. Did you know that it is free to find out if you qualify for a tax rebate?
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