Tax Rebate Estimate


Use this service to see if you qualify for tax rebate. Each tax rebate claim varies from person to person, it depends on how much tax you have paid, if you have changed jobs recently, if you have multiple jobs, if you have been charged emergency tax and so on and so forth.

On average 1 in 3 are due to have successfully claimed tax rebate. The amount claimed varies greatly, however the average claim is about £120 and other claim a lot higher. You have nothing to lose, start your claim now, no claim no fee. Start your claim, by clicking CLAIM NOW.

You might be able to claim tax relief if:

  • you use your own money for things that you must buy for your job
  • you only use these things for your work
  • You cannot claim tax relief if your employer either gives you:
  • all the money back
  • an alternative, for example your employer gives you a laptop but you want a different type or model
  • You must have paid tax in the year. You’ll get tax relief based on what you’ve spent and the rate at which you pay tax.
  • Example If you spent £120 and pay tax at a rate of 20% in that year, the tax relief you can claim is £24.
  • You must claim within 4 years of the end of the tax year that you spent the money. For some claims, you must keep records of what you’ve spent, such as buying tools or equipment. You don’t need receipts for claiming nationally agreed uniform tax rebate allowance.